Zembrin 90 capsules à 50mg

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Zembrin can be effective against anxiety, stress and mental upsets. It has a positive effect on inner balance and concentration. Are you looking for an effective mood enhancer without side effects? Zembrin is the ideal solution from nature.

  • 100% natural extract from Sceletium Tortuosum
  • High bioavailability
  • 50mg pure zembrin per capsule
  • Daily 1 capsule with breakfast
  • Easily compatible
  • Vegan, Non-GMO and free from gluten & soy

Give the product a few days to take effect.


Zembrin can help fight stress, tension and anxiety. It can also increase alertness, motivation and concentration. This is reported by thousands of users around the globe.

Zembrin is a patented and standardized extract of Sceletium Tortuosum and is cultivated in an environmentally stable process in relatively small quantities. Its beneficial use has been documented for well over 300 years. Clinical studies showed that Zembrin can improve cognitive abilities and increase efficiency in everyday life.

Zembrin is a purely natural, organic and purely herbal extract. Just 50mg can be sufficient for a positive effect. Unofficial studies by researchers have shown that people with mental disorders experienced a noticeable improvement in their state of mind after just a few weeks.

Zembrin as a food supplement can therefore improve your mood, give you motivation and energy, and increase your overall well-being. There are no known significant side effects or physical dependence on Zembrin.

53 reviews for Zembrin 90 capsules à 50mg

  1. Silvie Laigneil -

    I have now ordered for the sixth time and know the product very well. I can only recommend it to others. It helps me to go through the stressful everyday life more relaxed

  2. Joelle Mueller -

    it works and makes me relaxed and calm

  3. Susanne -

    I am really excited about the effect. Would not have expected that from a natural product. Since menopause, I feel depressive episodes again and again. Can counteract well with this remedy. No side effects nor do I feel any cravings. Can also do without it well once 2 weeks

  4. Diana Santoro -

    Excellent product. Takes some pressure and tension out of everyday life

  5. Nyomza -

    It is really a miracle product and has such positive effects. I can recommend it to everyone. Everything that is written about Zembrin also shows up in reality. Never before have I discovered anything comparable. Finally I have found something where I can really say I don't need anything else. Truly incredible and great respect for the development and good for the people.

  6. Mike -

    Super product

  7. Ronya S. -

    top customer service. Competent advice on the phone and extremely fast delivery. should be like this everywhere

  8. Esther Rüegg -

    after an hour the effect occurs with me. I become calmer and see certain things no longer so black

  9. Mike (Verified Owner) -

    Am very satisfied

  10. Silvano -

    keeps what it promises. In my opinion, there is nothing comparable on the market

  11. Sabina Niggli -

    Ingenious product. Worked for me from the beginning. Feel quite a lot calmer and calmer

  12. Sarah M. -

    This second, long and dark pandemic winter is hitting me in the head and I'm really struggling. This product lifts my mood into the positive, for which I am very grateful🙏

  13. Reto -

    With this product I have my mild depression very well under control. I feel a lot of posivity, which I desperately need.

  14. Pia M. -

    I am very happy with this product and have been taking it for a long time. It really brings me the desired serenity, without that I feel unwanted side effects. For me, there is no better alternative on a natural basis.

  15. Silvia H. -

    very efficient and effective. Exactly what I was looking for

  16. Roger -

    amazingly good and works extremely quickly for me

  17. Janine F. -

    unbelievable, at first I thought I felt nothing, until I realized in the evening that I went through the day quite relaxed, but still focused. For me the ideal, natural companion

  18. Dani H. -

    the balance between relaxed and yet fully focused is ingenious

  19. Hannes K. -

    for me there's really nothing comparable on the market. Does not make you sleepy and yet completely relaxes. Really quite a great product

  20. Cintia -

    almost unbelievable how much more resilient and efficient I am in everyday life. Quite a great product

  21. Lars Wagner -

    already ordered the 3rd time and top satisfied. Product like Servie 1A

  22. Heike G. -

    by far the best herbal mood booster for me. I am so much more relaxed with this supplement.

  23. Pasci -

    the balance between being relaxed and focused is perfect for me

  24. Klaus Segmüller -

    unspectacular but highly efficient. Great!

  25. Iris -

    My super chiller badly. Top!

  26. Ruth -

    order again and again because the product simply does me good

  27. Patrick S. -

    what an enrichment for my everyday life. On the sales front, Zembrin gives me the necessary composure

  28. Svetlana -

    is simply an absolutely ingenious product. The inventor deserves a medal. Mega!!

  29. Larissa -

    I am very happy to have found this product here😁🙏

  30. Bea T. -

    am very sensitive on the stomach, but this product gently drives in u. out. Am very chilled and actually all day :))

  31. Gion S. -

    can only recommend the product and have tried a lot before. Finally something useful

  32. Cécile Coulon -

    Incroyable, je n'aurais jamais cru qu'un produit naturel puisse fonctionner aussi facilement et efficacement. Bravo!

  33. Marianne -

    50mg fits perfectly for me. If I have a bad day, I also take sometimes 2 capsules

  34. Noemi S. -

    I have been using the product for 3 months now. I can only recommend it. Ingenious!

  35. Riccarda K. -

    the effect is really captivating and 100% authentic

  36. Luc -

    mega cool product. Study and am so much more efficient and relaxed

  37. Annette B. -

    fantastic product and I know Kanna for many years. this clinically tested combination tough is much better

  38. Ingrid -

    After 3 months of chemistry, I stopped taking the medication. After that I was in misery until a colleague brought me Zembrin. After 4 days, things started to look up with the Happy Pill. Really true

  39. Michelle B. -

    am self-employed and the pandemic has affected me quite a bit. This plant is a real boon for me

  40. Peter -

    am IT engineer and more or less all day at the computer. This extract allows me to maintain concentration and I am more efficient

  41. Karsten -

    Price / performance top!

  42. Martin P. -

    top product for the fight against my inner demons

  43. Beni -

    keeps everything promised and am very grateful

  44. Roland -

    am a psychotherapist and can highly recommend the product (25mg u. 50mg).

  45. Laurent -

    wow - surprisingly positive and a real alternative to chemistry

  46. Sonja -

    Everything is fine. Feel well informed and Zembrin meets my expectations

  47. Marlene -

    what else can you say. Anyone who has only a modicum of body awareness will immediately notice how positive this plant works

  48. Lorenz K. -

    Product excellent, just a pity that it comes in a plastic box. Otherwise impeccable service

  49. Clara -

    only the history of Kanna is self-evident. This product brings full

  50. Karsten -

    It's about time that you also ship to Germany. Please!

  51. Christian R. -

    This is a great product

  52. Leo -

    Thanks to Zembrin I am more balanced and calm. And of course, without chemicals. Fantastic

  53. Martina B. -

    1A - always available and usually delivered within 2 days. Bravo!

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